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XF Sales:

I'm cleaning out&selling lots of my x-files collection (all the official season guides books and lots of old magazines).
Send me a message if one is interested in buying.
-- January 13, 2012






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OMG it's a BLOG!

I know we pretty much let you guys just show off your stuff here without interference, but for's an update :D

FOUR NEW GALLERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Due to the extraordinary number of wallpaper submissions, I've broken them off into a separate gallery folder. SO! If you have wallpaper art you'd like to submit it now goes here ---> Wallpapers

Fan Literature
There wasn't an overwhelming amount of this, but recently, someone was trying to upload quite a bit of the wrong gallery (it would've gone to "Anything Else" until now). Knowing how popular Fanfic etc can be, I thought it should have its own place, which may encourage more submissions? Not just Fanfic though, there's tons of that online already. But...things inspired by the show as well. There are 2 things in tehre now, give them a look! ----> Fan Literature

Real Photography
Pulling out all the Wallpapers in the Anything Else folder made me notice something...there's some nice photography that's not manipulation, not actually of the show, but inspired by it...or else involving things from it. It seemed like that should be given its own spotlight, no? So here you go, a place for real photographs, meaning PHOTOS ACTUALLY TAKEN BY YOU! Maybe you dressed up as Mulder & Scully (there's an excellent example of that in there already), perhaps you've been playing with your XF toys and created a story to go with them (also excellent), did the other night look particularly like a scene from the show?, or maybe you're salivating over your DVD collection - submit here ---> Real Photography
I think it would be a real treat to see some XF-inspired Christmas decor this month ;P

Artisan Crafts
Also split off out of the "Anything Else" it seemed a shame to hide the shirts & jewelry there. Crafts include jewelry, clothing (that YOU made),papermache, popsicle stick figures, beads, bags and boxes, etc. Got (XF-related) stuff like that? Put it here ---> Artisan Crafts


While we're here, let's review the other folders, since there seems to be some confusion on what goes where.

WE DECIDE WHAT GOES HERE! ("we" = admin)

If you're not :iconratgirl84:, then you won't be submitting here...this is for her awesome sauce :love:
...Mayhaps one day, she'll stop being busy and make some more XF magic on paper.

Traditional Drawings, Paintings, and Sculptures
It should be pretty clear from the title...this is all NON-DIGITAL. You should be able to make anything on here if all the power goes out and the batteries die, because it's traditional artwork - paints, charcoals, pencils, crayons, tea, blood (not really recommended), inks, markers, scratchwork...the kind of stuff that's been used for centuries: traditional.

Digital Drawings
Pretty much what it says, my friends...drawings made on the computer (and yes, drawings can also equal paintings here).

Anything Else
There's a variety in here! A sort of catch all or miscellaneous...tattoos, photomanips, stamps, screencaps, etc.

Hope this helps y'all!

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ExplosiveGlaucoma Nov 23, 2013  Professional General Artist
I tried to submit a picture but it remains undecided for almost two weeks now. What is the problem?
Hello everyone!

This is non-art related,but I'm cleaning out&selling lots of my x-files collection (all the official season guides books and lots of old magazines).

Send me a message if one is interested in buying.:)
Diannehh Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oops I submitted something to the wrong folder, I'm sorry I'm new to groups. Do I need to submit it again in the right group or just wait till it gets rejected and submit again in the right group?
kamisch42 Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You can re-submit to the right'll be rejected in the wrong group either way. You don't have to worry about repeats, because if the same thing gets accepted once and resubmitted, it'll be rejected by whether we know it or not...with an annoying little noise and an angry message saying "You already have this!!!" or something like that lol.
Diannehh Aug 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha ok thanks :D
Good to know ;)
Junkborgs Apr 17, 2012   General Artist
I have a x-files fan art picture i'd like to submit to your group.
hope you like.

kamisch42 Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If you haven't already, then please do :)
RoxaneLys Mar 7, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey! Is the group still alive? I'm trying to submit my new drawings but got no reply.
Do you need someone to help you with the group?
kamisch42 Mar 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sometimes it just takes more than a few days...I just went through the ones that were up tonight, and yours was with them, so you're good. If you have more, please submit again :) We're a bit slow and school and things...we still do appreciate submissions though!
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